Sunday, March 29, 2009

First posts, as a rule, should be auspicious.

This one will not follow that rule. Instead, I'm going to be honest about a few things. The first thing is why in the world I would want to have a blog. The second is what I intend to do with this blog. The third is completely imaginary and does not, in fact, exist.

So. Why in the world would I want to have a blog?

Two reasons. I have heard from various respectable sources that keeping a journal greatly helps focus one's mind. And the second--there was a (not very) remarkable coincidence today. Earlier in the evening, I idly considered having a blog. And then a certain friend of mine, who for the sake of privacy I will simply call "James M. Kane," asked me--and I shall quote verbatim--"do you have a blog? i feel like that would be worth reading, haha."

In short? Blame him.

And what do I plan to do with this blog?

Any damned thing I please. An excellent sentence to end this first post with, if I wanted to be snarky and cool and just like I am in real life (by which I mean fully awesome and/or totally hardcore). That's actually fairly vague, though, so I'll try to clarify.

What you shouldn't expect a lot of in this blog:
  • Internet humor (I am totally lying. There is no way I can keep this promise).
  • Politics
  • The sort of writing style that characterizes this post. Just writing this has shown me the extent to which silliness pervades my writing, and I need to stamp that out (not completely. Just to within the limits of manageability).
  • Any more of these bullet things (once more in this post, and that's it).
  • moping, whiny, emo nonsense.
What you should expect a fair amount of in this blog:
  • my thoughts on religion, especially Anglicanism/Episcopalianism
  • the classics
  • writing, sans moping, whiny, emo nonsense.
At the very least, I will have a notepad for my thoughts. And if someone gets something out of this, I will have surpassed my goal.

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  1. Hrmm. Your writing is not as silly as you might suspect! You are too eloquent to be silly, so that even if you are being humorous, it is a "ho ho ho" highbrow humor rather than a "hur hur hur" lowbrow humor. Thus spoke Callie.